Future courses at the University of Helsinki:

Linguistic Field Methods (First Semester of 2021-2022)

Past courses at the University of Helsinki:

The languages of Australia (Second Semester of 2020-2021)

Anthropological Linguistics (Second Semester of 2017-2018; with Axel Fleisch and Maria Khachaturyan)

Linguistic Field Methods (First Semesters of 2018-2019 and 2019-2020)

Topics in General Linguistics: Reported speech (First Semester of 2019-2020)

Guest lectures at the University of Helsinki:

Historical linguistics (Second Semester of 2017-2018; On Australian languages)

Anthropological linguistics (Second Semester of 2018-2019; On Dialogism)

Sociolinguistics (First Semester of 2019-2020; On Erving Goffman)

Anthropological linguistics (Second Semester of 2019-2020; On avoidance speech styles)